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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

The Relationship between Observance of Midwifery Ethics Codes and Organizational Commitment ‎
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Banafshe Riahipour, Nahid Javadifari, Mohammad Hosein Haghighizadeh‎
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Introduction: ‎Midwifery care is associated with providing ethical practice, and one of the factors ‎affecting professional ethics is organizational commitment, which can improve the ‎quality of services provided. The aim of this study was evaluating the relationship ‎between observing the midwifery ethics codes and organizational commitment.‎ Methodology: ‎This was a descriptive-correlational study conducted in 2018. The participants were all ‎‎261 midwives working in Ahwaz and maternity hospitals of four cities, selected ‎randomly from the north, south, east and west of the province. The inclusion criterion ‎was having at least one year of employment. The data were collected by three ‎questionnaires including demographic, midwifery professional ethics, and Allen and ‎Meyer's organizational commitment. The data were analyzed with descriptive and ‎inferential statistics.‎ Results: ‎The mean score of observance of ethics codes and organizational commitment were ‎‎288.33± 41.33 and 108.82 ± 18.72; respectively. The results of the Pearson correlation ‎test showed a positive and significant relationship between the level of observing the ‎professional ethics codes and organizational commitment and all dimensions (r =0.328 ‎P< 0.001). ‎Conclusion: ‎According to the findings of this study,  it was suggested that managers and ‎policymakers provide appropriate conditions for improving and enhancing the quality ‎of cares and midwifery services‎‎‎‎.

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