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2020   Volume 10   Issue 1

The Relationship between Early Pregnancy Uterine Arteries Doppler and Potential Upcoming Complications
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Atoosa Adibi, Aliakbar Vahdat Moaddab
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The growth monitoring of the fetus is a main target of antenatal care. Diagnostic ultrasound has been majorly used to determine fetal wellbeing as an essential part of prenatal care. P-E is identified by an abnormal vascular response to placentation, and is a multisystem disorder of unknown cause specific to pregnancy which influences the health of both mother and fetus. The purpose of the present investigation was to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of uterine artery Doppler screening in the prediction of pregnancies with a high risk of developing P-E. For reaching this goal, 164 individuals in their first trimester were enrolled to this study. After Doppler ultrasonography of uterine artery were done for each individuals, they were followed for occurring the probable pregnancy complications. Results showed that right uterine artery RI had the sensitivity and specificity of 50% and 74% respectively at RI of 0.81 for predicting Pre-eclampsia. In addition, data observed in the right uterine artery PI showed that at PI of 1.97 had sensitivity of 50% and specificity of 74% for predicting P-E. The left side at RI of 0.78 had the sensitivity of 70% and specificity of 72% for predicting P-E. Also, the evaluation of left uterine artery PI showed that this index at 1.95 had 70% and 81% of sensitivity and specificity; respectively. In cases of HTN, the results showed that the RI had a good sensitivity and specificity for detection of HTN, while the right uterine artery PI was a weak factor. Also, in this study RI was the more appropriate index in comparison to PI

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