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2020   Volume 10   Issue 1

Sibghatullah Muhammad Ali Sangi1*, Abdulhakim Bawadekji2, Nawaf M Alotaibi1, Ahmed M. Aljameeli1, Samreen Soomro1
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Sibghatullah M. A. Sangi, Abdulhakim Bawadekji, Nawaf M Alotaibi, Ahmed M. Aljameeli, Samreen Soomro
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Aim: With increase in use of cell phone and exposure to radiation emission from Wi-Fi,cell damage in all the body systems is found.It is necessary to find ways and means to prevent that cell damage that may affect normal functioning of the organs etc. The objective of this study was to assess the damage to brain caused by exposure to cell phones connected with Wi-Fi and prevention of that damage with Vitamin E. Methods: Thirty male Wistar Albino rats were used in the study,rats were divided in different groups, they were exposed to cell phones and Wi-Fi for 8 weeks. The rats were treated with Vit. E 50 IU/kg of bodyweight for 4 weeks.Results: Histopathological examination of the rat brain revealed that, exposure of rats to cell phones and Wi-Fi caused significant damage to the neurons in different areas of rat brain .The rats treated with Vit. E showed less damage in comparison to untreated rat groups.Conclusion: In the brain of rats, treated with Vit. E intact neuronal architecture was found along with less inflammation.

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