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2019   Volume 9   Issue 3

Formulation and Evaluation of Nitazoxanide Sustained-Release Matrix ‎Tablets
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Mohan Arti, Alur Ashwini
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The main aim of the present study was to design and assess the twice-daily sustained-release ‎matrix tablets of Nitazoxanide using different concentrations of hydrophilic polymers. Wet ‎granulation method was used to prepare Nitazoxanide sustained-release tablets by using HPMC ‎‎(Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) K4M, HPMC K15M. The prepared tablets were assessed for ‎release during 12 h by using USP type- II dissolution apparatus. Physical properties of ‎Nitazoxanide tablets were studied. The in vitro release studies of sustained-release tablets were ‎plotted in the form of graphs. The in vitro release study showed that F12 was the best formulation, ‎extending the drug release up to 12 h, and it exhibited suitable drug release in the initial hours and ‎the total release pattern was similar to the theoretical release profile. The drug release optimized ‎formulation (F12) followed first-order kinetics. In vitro drug release of Nitazoxanide sustained-‎release tablets indicated that Nitazoxanide sustained-release tablets could therapeutically perform ‎better than conventional tablets with better patient compliance and improved efficacy.

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