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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

Docking of Select Cinnamon Components Suggest Potential for Sirt-1 Activation Similar to Resveratrol
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Martin Brenneman, Amy Stockert, David Kinder, Tarek Mahfouz
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Objectives: Cinnamon has anti-hyperglycemic effects by multiple sources. However, it is not known which component in the cinnamon extract is responsible for this effect nor is it known what the protein targets are. Sirtuin 1 (Sirt-1) deacetylase is involved in chromatin remodeling and control of gene expression. Since many proteins in the insulin signaling pathway are regulated by acetylation, Sirt-1 is a potential player in anti-hyperglycemic mechanisms. Multiple cinnamon components bear high structural similarity to resveratrol, a plant polyphenol whose anti-hyperglycemic effect has been attributed to direct activation of Sirt-1. This docking study was initiated to investigate the binding potential of those components to Sirt-1 to guide further experimental research into the anti-hyperglycemic mechanisms of cinnamon and to develop a method for screening potential Sirt-1 activators. AutoDock Vina was used to dock resveratrol and the major components in the cinnamon extract to Sirt-1. The docking behavior and hydrogen-bonding pattern of each cinnamon component were compared to those of resveratrol to identify similarities. The polyphenol quercetin displayed the most similar behavior to resveratrol whereas cinnamic acid and its derivatives were the most dissimilar. These results suggest that quercetin most likely is the ingredient in cinnamon to activate Sirt-1, potentially leading to the anti-hyperglycemic effects.

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