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2020   Volume 10   Issue 4

Alternative Treatments and Therapies in Central Giant Cell Granuloma: a Narrative Review ‎
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Luca Viganò, Joana Berberi, Francesco Bruno, Alessandra Caggiula, Matteo Di Loreto, Matteo Pettinicchio, Alex Vendrame, Cinzia Casu
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The Central Giant Cell Granuloma is an uncommon lesion, accounting for less than 7% of all benign jaw lesions. In 1953, Jaffe was the first to describe these lesions as a giant cell reparative granuloma of the jawbones, and in 1971, thanks to Pindborg and Kramer, it was included in the current nomenclature. The etiology of CGCG is unknown, there is also a peripheral type that some authors consider the most common in maxillary bones. WHO defines CGCG as an intraosseous lesion consisting of cellular fibrous tissue that contains multiple foci of hemorrhage, aggregations of multinucleated giant cells, and some trabeculae of woven bone. Several pharmacological treatments have been proposed as an alternative to surgery. We have analyzed intralesional injections of corticosteroids, treatment with animal or human calcitonin, alfa-interferon therapy, use of monoclonal antibodies (denosumab and imatinib) and bisphosphonates. The aim of this study is to analyze and discuss all those therapeutic possibilities, in order to understand what is already known and what needs to be further investigated. 

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