Appraisal of Karnofsky Scale in Females with Cancer

Ch. Deekshitha , P. Manaswini , Juveria Tarannum , B. Pratap Reddy , G. Raj Kumar , A. ā€ˇShyam Sunder


Aim: Cancer can produce many subtle and non-subtle symptoms. Cancer-related quality of life is associated with all stages and symptoms of cancer. Quality of life is a fundamental study to ensure disease-free survival in cancer patients, as it has effective methods of detection and treatment in long-term survivors.  Objective: The objective of the research was to assess the quality of life of females with the past history of cancer by utilizing the Karnofsky Performance Scale. Methods: All the female patients who attended the hospital with cancer history were studied by asking questions directly to patients, and patient caregivers via phone calling by the standard Karnofsky 11 Points Questionnaire. Results: Quality of life of the patients who underwent Surgery + RT+ CT, RT+ CT is having more 100% performance , followed by other performance grades. The quality of life of patients who underwent CT is having more 0% performance more, followed by other performance grading. The quality of life of patients who underwent RT had performance scale of 70%, followed by other performance grades. Conclusion: Cancer patients in stable conditions with psychosocial support can have a good quality of life with the treatment given. Families living with women with cancer in rural areas are having a vulnerable life, and need emergency psychosocial support. The patient caregivers and the clinicians need to invest sufficient time to improve the quality of life‎‎.