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2021   Volume 11   Issue 1

Malak Hussain A Asiri, Abdulaziz Ayed A Alshahrani, Majed Mohammed S Alshehri, Abdulrahman Jawdat R Albalawi, Waleed Farhan D Alshammari, Jalawi Talal A Alotaibi, Anfal Atallah S Alamrani, Omar Mansour M Halawani, Aumniyat Saad A Alrashidi, Mohammed Ibrahim F Binibrahim
Asiri MHA, Alshahrani AAA, Alshehri MMS, Albalawi AJR, Alshammari WFD, Alotaibi JTA, et al.  . Int J Pharm Phytopharmacol Res. 2021;11(1):94-6.
Asiri, M. H. A., Alshahrani, A. A. A., Alshehri, M. M. S., Albalawi, A. J. R., Alshammari, W. F. D., Alotaibi, J. T. A., Alamrani, A. A. S., Halawani, O. M. M., Alrashidi, A. S. A., & Binibrahim, M. I. F. (2021).  . International Journal of Pharmaceutical And Phytopharmacological Research, 11(1), 94-96.
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Falls are associated with significant morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Trials reported that supplementation of vitamin D plus calcium improves muscle strength and function, thereby reducing the risk of falls. EBSCO, Google Scholar, and Pub Med databases were searched for related articles using the terms vitamin D, falls, ergocalciferols, 25- hydroxyvitamin D, and ‎‎‎1, ‎‎25-dihydroxy vitamin D. Out of three hundred and four, only four completed the inclusion criteria. Co-administration of vitamin D and calcium protects against falls among the elderly. Among the elderly, vitamin D and calcium a successful fall ‎‎reduction method..

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