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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

Sudden Cardiac Death; Definition, Prevalence, Causes, Risk Factors and Management: Review Article
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Saifeldin Ibrahim Mohamed, Thamer Arar Alruwaili, Abdullah Nawaf Alshammari, Tariq Mozal Alanez, Abdullah Olum Alshammari, Helal Khalaf Alnassr
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Background: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is described as an unexpected death that occurs within 1h of the symptom onset or during sleep in a previously fine person. SCD remains a significant public health concern globally because the majority of SCDs arise in persons with no previously diagnosed heart disease who do not follow the high-risk guidelines identified in observational studies and clinical trials. This review aimed to provide a summary of the occurrence, causes, and management of SCD. Conclusion: SCD is complex and has scientific and therapeutic concerns for a number of decades. As our understanding of this disease continues to progress through epidemiological research, laboratory experiments, and clinical trials, methods to reduce the prevalence and lethality of SCD through the community remain primary targets. Approaches and improved identification of high-risk individuals who will benefit from ICDs are critical to prevent SCD events and improve patient consequences. 

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