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2019   Volume 9   Issue 3

Studying the Histopathological Effects of Styrene on Liver in Rats
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Haniyeh Mir Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Arab, Mahdi Jahantigh
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Introduction and Objective: styrene is one kind of organic aromatic solvents released during thermal polymerization of styrene in plastics industry. The present study investigates the histopathological effects of styrene on liver in rats. Materials and Methods: the present empirical research was conducted during 2012-2013 in Zahedan’s Medical Sciences University on 20 rats assigned to two groups, namely experimental group (styrene exposure) and control (unexposed). The sampling was undertaken in a random manner. In the end, the hepatic tissue changes were evaluated in the experimental and control groups’ subjects. Data were analyzed using ANOVA test. Results: the weight rate of the experimental group subjects was 10.51±1.18 and it was 7.62±1.44 for the evidence group. The weight differences between the two groups were not significant (P>0.05). Substantial degenerescence and cell changes were observed in Zone III of hepatic acinus. Disarraying of the hepatic cellular ropes was evident in the experimental group and necrosis and apoptosis traces were visible in the periphery of central venule. Hydropic degeneration along with cell inflammation, nucleus swelling and eosinophilic cytoplasm reduction was amongst the results found for the experimental group.Conclusion: the present study findings indicated that styrene exerts toxic effects on the livers of the rats and causes cell damage and disordering of the hepatic performance.

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