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2020   Volume 10   Issue 2

Role of Gamma-irradiated Basil (Ocimumbasilicum) in the Alleviation of Heart Toxicity Induced by Arsenic in Rats‎ ‎
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Aishah H. Ghazwani, Nadia N. Osman, Khadijah S. Balamash
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Exposure to pollution from the environment is a very important factor that impacts on health. Arsenic is considered one of these pollutants and it has harmful effects on various organs including the heart. This study aimed to assess the effect of raw and irradiated basil on the damage of the heart in rats exposed to arsenic. Albino rats (n=32) were divided into four groups as follows "Control" group received distilled water, "As" group received arsenic(10mg/kg), "As+Basil" group received raw basil(400mg/kg) along with arsenic (10mg/kg) and "As+Irr. basil" group received 400mg/kg of irradiated basil (10kGy) along with arsenic (10mg/kg). To estimate the effect of gamma-irradiation on the antioxidant properties in basil, Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was used. This analysis revealed an increase in the antioxidants compounds in irradiated basil as compared to raw basil. Rats exposed to arsenic showed a significant increase in serum lipid profile, cardiac enzymes as well as increasing the heart oxidative stress with a decline in their antioxidants. The administration of raw or gamma-irradiated basil leaves to arsenic exposed rats has significantly reduced the accumulation of lipids and enzymes in serum accompanied by an improvement in antioxidant and oxidative stress of the heart. In conclusion, our findings showed that raw or irradiated basil has a therapist effect on cardiac damage prompted by arsenic.

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