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2019   Volume 9   Issue 2

Protective Role of Chicory Leaves Extract against Gamma Radiation-Induced Bone Loss and Down-expression of Osteocalcin Gene in Albino Female Rats
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Noura Rady Mohamed, Thanaa Mostafa Badr
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People all over the world widely use medicinal plants as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal products have fewer side effects in comparison to synthetic drugs. The present study was done to demonstrate the effect of aqueous extract of chicory leaves (Cichorium intybus L.) against gamma radiation induced-bone loss in rats' long bones. Twenty-four female albino rats weighing about 130-150 g were divided into 4 groups. Group 1(C):  Normal control, in which the rats were neither treated nor irradiated; Group 2 (CH): the rats received orally 100 mg/kg b. wt. of chicory leaves aqueous extract every day for 28 days; Group3 (IR): the rats were exposed to whole-body gamma radiation with a fractionated dose (3 Gy / week up to 9 Gy total doses); and Group 4 (CH + IR): the animals received chicory leaves aqueous extract as group 2 daily for 7 days before exposed to fractionated dose and also within the period of fractionated irradiation (21 days). Gene expression of osteocalcin was measured by real-time PCR in addition to chromosomal analysis and histopathological examination. Also, serum levels of phosphorus, calcium, and calcitonin were measured. Our studies demonstrated that aqueous extract of chicory leaves supplementation was equally effective at preventing the skeletal responses to gamma radiation, through improvement in chromosomal aberrations, bone trabecular architecture, bone minerals elevation and upregulated osteocalcin gene.

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