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2020   Volume 10   Issue 4

Personalized Lifestyle Based on Traditional Persian Medicine: A ‎Missing Link ‎in the Prevention and Management of Cancer
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Javad Firoozan, Laleh khodaie, Ali Mohammadi, Seyyed MohammadBagher Fazljou, Mohammadali ‎Torbati, Qadir ‎Mohammadi, Behzad Mansoori, Behzad Baradaran‎
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Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality worldwide. Unfortunately, despite appropriate and standard therapeutic ‎approaches, ‎they are often disappointing in long-term improving the prognosis and quality of life among patients. On the ‎other hand, the integrated ‎utilization of traditional and complementary medical approaches along with conventional ‎treatments opens a hopeful horizon in front of ‎our sights. Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) considers the human body as ‎a smart and intelligent organism, possessing significant ‎capabilities to preserve the health and healing of the diseases. This ‎trend of medicine, based on the fundamental concept of Midzaj ‎‎(temperament) and every person’s unique features, has ‎demonstrated six principles to have a healthy lifestyle and emphasis on the ‎importance of preserving health on the title of ‎‎“Setteh-e-zarurieah” which has provided health for people during centuries. The evidence ‎suggested that it is inevitable to ‎have healthy and personalized lifestyle along with conventional treatments to achieve the good health of ‎any person‎‎‎‎.

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