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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

Overview of the Updated Management of Anal Fissure
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Atef Mohamed Ibrahem, Ali Khalid Al-Khaldi, Ayman Mukhtar Afit Alzaid
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Background: Anal fissure is a longitudinal defect in the skin of the anal canal, which is common, mostly benign, and may be acute or chronic. The tear is usually superficial in the skin distal to the dentate line. Anal fissure is classified as acute and chronic. Thy typical symptoms are anal spasm, pain, and/or bleeding with defecation. Aim: In this review, we will look into the epidemiology, etiology, and updated management of anal fissure. Conclusion: Anal fissures are typical presentations to the emergency room and the primary care provider. Even if they are benign, they can lead to severe pain and impair the quality of life. Anal fissures are better handled by the inter-professional team. The disease can be handled in several ways; but, when conventional therapy fails, it is important to refer the patient to a colorectal surgeon who has greater experience with this disorder than any other health care provider. Atypical anal fissures associated with Crohn's disease or HIV should be treated with caution. 

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