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2019   Volume 9   Issue 2

Nursing Students' Experiences from Two Methods of Teaching: Film Preparation and Demonstration of Physical Examinations
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Nasrin Sarabi
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Introduction: Enabling students in their learning can help them improve their critical thinking skills and problem-solving activities through non-traditional teaching methods. Since there is no guarantee for the effectiveness of the implementation of a new teaching method, the current study aimed at exploring the understanding of nursing students about the methods of film making and the demonstration of physical examinations. Methods: The current study was conducted on 40 undergraduate nursing students in Dezful Nursing College selected by the purposive sampling method. First, the data were collected using the unstructured interview. Then, the content of the interviews was analyzed by the conventional content analysis method. Results: Based on the results, four main categories including the perceived influence, facing film making challenges, the acceptance of applying the demonstration teaching method, and the functional weaknesses in addition to nine categories such as teamwork promotion, improving memory retention, the teaching attractiveness, the limitations of the film making, the poor quality film, the teaching easiness, the tangibility of the presented content, monopolizing the mastery over the content, and the flawed presentation of  physical examinations were extracted. Conclusion: The students’ experiences indicated that any of the methods, film preparation and demonstration, had different positive and negative characteristics. A better teaching method for deeper learning among the students can be provided by modifying the defects of these methods, or merging them.

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