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2018   Volume 8   Issue 6

Natural Pregnancy in Infertile Couples Using Red and White Bahman Root Extract ,P.M Remedy
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Mahmoudreza Faghihi, Jalil Hosseini, Somayeh Esmaeili, Mina Movahhed, Mahdi Sepidarkish
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Introduction: The incidence of infertility as a serious health problem is constantly increasing and the role of male factor is of a wide range up to 50%, which has severe bio psychosocial consequences. Despite many advances, there is not enough evidence for the effectiveness of medical treatments so research in this field is still needed. Today national alternative medicine and traditional medicine is recommended by WHO and widely used in general population. It has important and considerable role in the treatment of male infertility so more research is recommended for valuable source of Iranian Traditional medicine experiences to identifying and discovering new drugs. Case presentation: In this study we present an oligospermic men which had improvement in semen parameters and result in a spontaneous natural pregnancy by using hydro alchohlic (80% ethanol) extract of red and white bahman after period of 3 month. Conclusion: It seems that use of complementary medicine and Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) experiences, can offer new therapies and treatments for the male infertility.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research
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