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2020   Volume 10   Issue 3

Exploring the Phytopharmacological Potential of Plants from Cholistan Desert of Pakistan as their Metabolites Assay ‎
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Ghulam Yasin, Mubashrah Sabir, Iqra Anwer, Iqra Majeed, Sundas Mumtaz, Amna Mehmood, Shakeela Noor
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Significance: Secondary metabolites are mainly resourced from stress-adapted plants and have medicinal properties on one hand and toxicity potential on the other hand. Hence, the practical utilization of these plants as food or medicines need to explore the exact nature and actions of their metabolites. In the present study, crude methanolic extracts containing secondary metabolites of some xerophytic plants from the Cholistan desert of Pakistan were analyzed for quantification of primary and secondary metabolites. Statistically, data were analyzed by using one way ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance) separately for trees, herbs, and shrubs. Data were represented as means and standard deviations (Mean ± SD) of each parameter and means separated by Duncan’s multiple range tests. Findings: The plants endemic to desert environment were evaluated to have secondary metabolites in quantity higher than that of primary metabolites owing to cope with adverse environmental conditions of the desert. The order of explored metabolites in term of their quantity was as alkaloid> flavonoids> total sugar. 

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