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2020   Volume 10   Issue 6

Explaining the Needs of Reproductive Health Literacy in Pre- Marriage Couples
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Fatemeh Dabiri, Sepideh Hajian, Abbas Ebadi, Sedigheh Abedini
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Background: Education and consultation before marriage are opportunities to raise some matters ‎among the pre-marriage couples. However, implementing any educational program requires a detailed ‎identification of the needs of the target group, while failing to care for the expectations of this group of ‎couples is a waste of money and manpower. Current study aimed to determine the needs for ‎reproductive health literacy in pre-marriage couples. ‎Method: A directed qualitative content analysis approach was conducted ‎from June to December ‎‎2017 at Premarital Educational Center in Bandar Abbas (Iran), through in-depth semi-structured ‎interviews with 11 pre-marriage peoples, and 13 married peoples who had got married maximally two ‎years ago and participated in educational program, and 10 service providers that were selected through ‎purposeful sampling. Sampling was continued until data saturation was reached. The MAXQDA 10 ‎software was used for the management of data.‎ Results: The themes were classified into four areas including sexual, physical, psychological-emotional ‎and social needs for the reproductive health, and 10 main categories were obtained. The level of needs ‎expressed for reproductive health literacy was at functional level and mostly associated with sexual ‎health needs. ‎Conclusions: Concerning the findings of the current work, the reform of the current educational ‎content and the manner of its presentation to premarital couples for promotion of sexual and ‎reproductive health is essential.

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