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2020   Volume 10   Issue 4

Evaluation of Quality of Life in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
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Hamid Reza Sheikhi, Dadkhoda Soofi, Fatemeh Farshadnia, Mostafa Motamedi Heravi, Ali Reza Sheikhi
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Introduction: Diabetes is considered as a chronic disease, and one of the most important actions for taking care of chronic patients is investigating about their quality of life. Methodology: We performed a quasi – experimental study. 30 patients were determined as the volume of sample based on the pilot study performed on 10 patients using comparison of means test with the safety factor of 95% while the power of the test was equal to 80. Random sampling method was used for sampling. Demographical information questionnaire and the quality of life questionnaires for diabetic patients (DQOL) from Thomas et al study were considered. After confirmation of data integrity, the SPSS software v. 21 was used for analyzing the data. The confidence coefficient more than 95% was considered for statistical tests (P<0.5). Results: the quality of life average for diabetic patients was about 19.23, in which the lowest level of life quality (3.87) was related to the feeling of pain during treatment and the highest (8.60) was related to the satisfaction level of knowledge and information. In conclusion and according to the total result of this questionnaire (19.23), the quality of life of the diabetic patients was very low. Conclusion: In fact, any changes in any aspect of life quality are due to the personal, social or economic factors. So, the evaluation of life quality with the social – personal information can provide a complete database, which is useful for enhancement of their quality of life.

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