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2019   Volume 9   Issue 5

Development of 3D Bioprinting Technology Using Modified Natural and Synthetic Hydrogels for Engineering Construction of Organs
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S. I. Kubanov, S. V. Savina, C. V. Nuzhnaya, A. E. Mishvelov, M. B. Tsoroeva and et al
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The shortage of human organs for transplantation is one of the critical and unresolved problems in clinical medicine. An average of 18 people die every day in the world due to a shortage of donor organs. Regenerative medicine is an alternative to donor organs. The use of digital imaging technologies using CT and 3D bioprinter (bioprinting) is the so-called biomedical application of layered three-dimensional printing in order to solve the problem of obtaining copies of living organs. In the present article, we studied general bioprinting technologies and testing of chitosan-based bioplastics and hydrogels using 3D printing and different fillability (porosity) of the material for biocompatibility using stem cells. Also, the "DoctorCT" software was used for 3D printing of substrates of biocompatible plastics.

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