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2019   Volume 9   Issue 5

Development and Psychometricity of a New Questionnaire for Assessing the Couple-Friendly Services in Premarietal Counseling
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Tahmineh Farajkhoda, Saeedeh Najafihedeshi, Hassan Zareeimahmoodabadi, Hossein Fallahzadeh
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Background & Aim: The quality of provided marriage services and couples’ empowerment on the brink of marriage is of great importance. Couples-friendly center is an appropriate tool for providing services of maximum quality and effectiveness for the clients. The aim of this study was to develop and psychometrically evaluate couples-friendly services questioner among volunteered married couples. Methods & Materials: The present study is a methodological research carried out in 3 stages. In the first and second stages, the concept of couples-friendly service was defined by reviewing the texts and views of the field specialists and then, the main items of the questionnaire were determined. Then, in the third step, the psychometric properties of the questionnaire were assessed using face validity, content validity, construct validity, internal consistency and stability. Results: Based on the results of the first and second stages of the study, the initial questionnaire was comprised of 44 items. After determining the factual and content validity, the statements of the questionnaire decreased to 42 items. The result of the confirmatory factor analysis in this questionnaire revealed the existence of four structures: "Provision of services (8 items)", "Effective services (11 items)", "Providing educational needs for clients (11 items)," "The desire to provide services (12 items) ". Reliability of the questioner was confirmed with a Cronbach's alpha of 0.89 and Pearson correlation of 0.91. Conclusion: The present questionnaire, with regard to the psychometric sciences through the mentioned steps, magnitudes and type of psychometric measurements, can be referred to and used as a tool with an appropriate number of items and structures that can be completed within 20.3 ± 5.4  minutes

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