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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

Coronavirus Disease 2019 “Covid-19” and Its Relation to Food
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Zahra Latifi, Naghmeh Morakabati, Leili Dehghan, Zahra Ghafuri
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Coronaviruses belong to the order Nidovirales and have families such as Coronaviridae, Arteriviridae, and Roniviridae. Coronavirida has two subfamilies named Coronavirinae and Torovirinae. Alpha, beta, gamma, and delta are also four groups of the Coronavirinae subfamily. All viruses belonging to the order Nidovirales are coated and positive-sense single-stranded RNA with a viral genome length of 27 to 34 kilobases. The particles are composed of 20-nm-diameter polymers that resemble a solar corona or a royal corona in the view of electron microscopy, which is why members of the family have named it Coronavirus. In this review article, we briefly describe coronaviruses, how they spread, the pathogenicity, current prevention and treatment strategies, and the association and effect of food with the virus

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