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2019   Volume 9   Issue 6

Assessment of the Side Effects of Random Weight-loss Diet Programs (protein-based) on Health in a Saudi Community
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Amer Almaiman, Osama Al Wutayd
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Background: Many people attempt to decrease their body weight for health purposes, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Also, young people, especially females, strive to lose weight for better satisfaction with their body shape. Objective: This study investigated the effect of random weight loss diet programs on health parameters among Qassim University members. Methods: We developed and validated a questionnaire that was manually completed by Qassim University students to ensure the credibility of the collected data. Results: A total of 1882 questionnaires were collected from students of Qassim University. About 43.62% of respondents were following diet programs, of which 24.1% were following different protein programs. About 52% of the protein-diet-based followers had encountered side effects, with a high percentage reporting being tired, nervous, and moody. Conclusion: The findings of this study suggested the need for strategies and coordinated efforts at all levels to reduce the tendency to use random diet programs without the supervision of physicians or dietitians. Comprehensive education on the risks of random diet programs is highly recommended, especially for young adults

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