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2020   Volume 10   Issue 5

Assessment of the‏ ‏Importance of Partnership Factor in the Provision of ‎Medical Tourism Services Pattern ‎
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Fatemeh Najafipoor Moghadam, Irvan Masoudi Asl, Somayeh Hessam, Mahmoud ‎Mahmoudi
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Purpose: This paper considers the importance of partnership in the tourism marketing pattern. Design: The statistical population of the study consisted of all staff of medical centers and active medical tourism in the universities of medical sciences in Iran, of which 630 were selected using a simple sampling method as a statistical sample. Methodology: Data were collected by a questionnaire. Data analysis was carried out by confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modelling, and Lisrel software. Approach: The pattern of marketing health tourism and its findings can be beneficial to hospital managers and policymakers in a scientific way, comprehensive their weakness and planning for improving their functions of the health tourism industry, and to be able to improve the satisfaction of international patients. Finding: Our results indicate that according to the standard estimates of path coefficients, the partnership factor with a score of 0.48 consisted of 6 components ranked among others was determined. The originality of research: Considering the importance of the partnership, planners, policymakers, and decision-makers in the field of medical tourism to develop this industry, special attention should be paid to it

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