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2020   Volume 10   Issue 6

An Overview on Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis and Management Approach
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Hussain A. Alabdrabalnabi, Omar A. Bajafar, Marwa F. Alsuwaidan, Azzam A. Shaikh, Fatimah A. Alsayed, Yousef T. Alshammari, Nawi J. Alshammari, Raed M. Faraj, Rewaf H. Hariri, Ghadah A. Fallatah
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Introduction: Thyroid malignancies are not uncommon, and would often present on routine checkups as an inconspicuous neck nodule. On further investigation, these nodules are often dormant and benign in nature. Others may require further diagnostic investigation such as ultrasound, fine needle aspiration, or definitive diagnosis through biopsy by lobectomy. Objectives: We wanted to review the literature and discuss the thyroid malignancy approach, diagnosis, and management, and recent updates to the thyroidectomy. Methodology: PubMed database was used for article selection, papers were obtained and reviewed. The keys terms included: thyroid malignancy, risk factors, evaluation, management, and diagnosis. Conclusion: Thyroid carcinomas are one of the most common types of cancer, thus the disease risk and prevalence are increasing. As a result, patients presenting with any lumps or suspicious clinical features shall be approached well by the clinician in order to thoroughly investigate and diagnose as early as possible. Early detection will make the management options more accessible and provide the best prognostic outcome for these cases.

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