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2019   Volume 9   Issue 1

An Overview on Emulgel
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Sreevidya V.S
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In comparison with the other semisolid formulations, the use of gels seems to be more advantageous both in cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations. When gel and emulsion are used in the combined form, they are referred as emulgel. Emulgel is the promising drug delivery system for the delivery of hydrophobic drugs. Emulgel, an interesting topical drug delivery system, has dual release control system, i.e., gel and emulsion. Emulgel have several merits like greaseless, easily spreadable, easily removable, emollient and transparency. Preparation of emulgel is done by incorporation method. Emulgel are commonly used for the delivery of analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-acne drugs and various cosmetic formulations. Studies on emulgel promises a better future in delivering more numbers of topical drugs as emulgel by their merits over other drug delivery systems.

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