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2020   Volume 10   Issue 6

An Overview of Red Eye diagnostic and Management Approach in Primary Health Care Center
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Mohammad A. Almohanna, Ahmed M. Alazwari, Zaid A. Alotaibi, Mazen F. Alotaibi, Saud H. Shuraym, Saud M. Alowayfi, Mubarak M. Aldawsary, Ahmed A. Almutairi, Mohammed F. Alsamih, Bassam Z. Alshammary, Amal F. Almunahi
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Background: Red eye is a common complaint that a physician could face in the hospital setting. Many causes are identified to manifest as red-eye; some of them need only reassurance, others might need surgical intervention, and if not treated appropriately, it might lead to permanent loss of vision. Objective: This review aims to discuss the common causes of red eye that the physician can face in his/her career and how to approach it. Method: We searched the PubMed database looking for relevant articles to the topic using Mesh terms, "acute red eye" and "red-eye emergency." Conclusion: Proper history taking and examination will protect patients from possible vision loss. Hence, the diagnosis can range from self-remitting condition to sight-threatening diagnoses.

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