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2019   Volume 9   Issue 2

An applied Aspect of Vitap Marma w.s.r. to Vasectomy
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Mohd Ashraf Khan, Pradeep Kumar Pal, H. H. Awasthi
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The word Marma is of Sanskrit origin Mrin Maranae. The Sanskrit phrase ―Mriyatae asmin iti Marma means there is possibility of death or serious damage to health when these points are injured. Marma in Sanskrit also means hidden or secret. Marma (vital point) is actually the seat of Prana (life). As Acharya Sushruta has stated that Marma points are the juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as Mamsa (muscles), Sira (veins, arteries), Snayu (ligaments), Asthi (bones), and Sandhi (joints). These are mostly accepted as 107 points that are present in anterior and posterior aspects of body. In other sense Marma means mortal points, sensitive points, and weak vulnerable points. The word ‘Vitap’ is formed from ‘VitamVistaramvaPaatiPibati’ or ‘Vetati-Shabdayateti’. Its meaning is branch of tree or bush or new seed or covering of sestis. The Vitap Marma is described under Snayu Marma by Acharya Sushruta and Sira Marma by Acharya Vagbhata with dimension of 01 Angula. The traumatic effect that occurs is infertility or deformities in spermatogenesis and oogenesis. So, this Marma site can be used for vasectomy which is highly effective and safe for family planning. The main aim & objective of this paper is to explore a scientific & therapeutic guideline of Vitap Marma & to create a better understanding of Vitap Marma among students, health care providers & consumers.

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