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2019   Volume 9   Issue 5

Ameliorative Effect of Wheat Germ Oil in Potassium bromate Induced Biochemical and Histopathological Changes in Male Rat's Heart
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Asmahan T., Reham A. Arafat
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Potassium bromate (BRO) is a toxic substance that is used as a food additive in food. Wheat germ oil (WO) can improve lipid metabolism and reduce oxidative stress. Attributable to its high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E is a portion of good nutritious food. The current work was aimed to investigate the possible action of WO on the damage effects of Potassium bromate in heart tissue. Adult male rats (n=40) were equally divided into 5 groups; Control (Cont. (-)), BRO (Cont. (+)), groups 3, 4 and 5 orally given WO in doses of 150,300 and 450 mg/kg respectively. The results showed that oral gavage of wheat germ oil at three hundred and four hundred and fifty mg/kg.b.wt., two-intoxicated rats with BRO for four weeks significantly reduced cholesterol, triglycerides, lipid profile, and serum inflammatory cytokines against the Cont. (+) group. The histopathological examination of heart tissue confirmed these results. The current study indicates that oral administration of WO induces potent cardioprotective in rats intoxicated by BRO, this effect could be explained by WO antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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