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2018   Volume 8   Issue 6

Achievement Motivation and its Relationship with Some Demographic Factors among OR Students at IUMS in 2017
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Fariba Nasiri Ziba, Aliakbar Bozorgvar, Sedigheh Hannani, Hamid Haqqani
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Introduction: Motivation is the reason for many activities. In other words, motivation is hidden behind the behavior. Motivation plays a core role in students’ learning such that it can be more important than intelligence. The objective of this study was to investigate the individual, family, and socio-economic factors with the achievement motivation of surgical technology students at IUMS (Iran University of Medical Sciences) in 2016-2017. Materials and method: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, all OR (Operation room) students studying associate’s degree, non-continuous bachelor’s degree and continuous bachelor’s degree were participated using the census method. Hermans Achievement Motivation Questionnaire and a researcher-made questionnaire involving the previously mentioned factors were used. Data is reported as Mean+SD. The inferential statistics including independent t-test, ANOVA, and the correlation coefficient test was also used in the present study, P=0.05. Results: Mean+SD of the age of all students was 22.37±2.74, mostly female (65.9%) and in the second academic year (41.5%). 56.7% lived in a dormitory. Most frequent were the students of continuous bachelor’s degree (85.40%). The average motivation was not significant between groups as shown by previously mentioned variables testing. Mean and SD of the students’ motivation score were 83.2 and 9.67 respectively. Conclusion: Although the high motivation scores, it was not significantly different between groups. In academic institutes, motivation is regarded as the most important indicator of performance, the students’ educational status, and an effective factor in the academic achievement or failure. Since the human force is very valuable for any country, it is necessary to conduct further research in this regard.

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