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2020   Volume 10   Issue 4

A Study on the Association of Copper and Zinc Serum Levels with Insulin Resistance Indices in Gestational Diabetes
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Fazloddin Fahimi Moghaddam, Jamshid Mehrzad, Jafar Saeidi, Ahmad Ghasemi
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Objectives: The levels of serum Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) between pregnant women with GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus) have been compared to non-GDM ones, then the association between insulin resistance indices with the above two elements has been investigated. Methods: 460 pregnant women (210 with GDM and 250 without diabetes) referred to Central Kashmar Laboratory between September 2018 and May 2020, participated in this study. Mann-Whitney U and Independent sample t-test were used to compare zinc, copper, and insulin resistance indices between the two groups. The relationship between insulin resistance indices with serum Zn and Cu in the two above groups was examined using a linear regression test. Results: Differences in the levels of Cu (P <0.001) and Zn (P=0.03) between the two groups were significant. Correlations between plasma Cu levels and IR indices were not significant (QUICKI (β= 1.534, P =0.234), HOMA-IR (β = 0.608, P=0.155), HOMA-B (β = -0.039, P=0.457), 1/Insulin (β = -1.982, P=0.237), G/I (β = 0.868, P=0.295)); in addition, no significant correlations between plasma Zn levels and IR indices were observed (QUICKI (β= -1.930, P =0.14), HOMA-IR (β = -0.783, P=0.071), HOMA-B (β = 0.041, P=0.442), 1/Insulin (β = 2.270, P=0.181), G/I (β = -1.062, P=0.206)) by linear regression test taking into account the effect of age and group. Conclusion: Plasma levels of zinc and copper are not directly affected by insulin resistance. It can also be found that increased insulin resistance cannot alter serum copper and zinc levels in pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

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